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Exclusive range of Amaryllises

Amaryllis nursery N.L. van Geest B.V. specializes in the breeding of Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) and the production of Amaryllis bulbs and is a worldwide leader with its exclusive and high-quality range. For more than 50 years, N.L. van Geest features knowledge and experience with the cultivation of Amaryllis bulbs, as a result of which the company has developed into a forerunner in the market.

Specialist in breeding of exclusive and high-quality assortment Amaryllis

NL. van Geest offers a wide and deep range Amarylises and the company is fully focused on quality and exclusivity. The range is available through its export trading partners.


Whether double-flowered, large-flowered, cybister, multiflora, N.L. van Geest offers a wide range of exclusive varieties of amaryllis for the premium dry bulb sales market. Species such as Sumatra®, Giant Amadeus®, Wild Amazone®, Yellow Star®, Red Garden® and Double King® are, for example, unique and highly sought after in the international marke

Double-flowered Amadeus® series, top of the market in Amaryllis

A few years ago, N.L. van Geest focused on a high-quality range of double-flowered amaryllises in her breeding. This has resulted in the Amadeus® series, which has been very well received by the international market and has become a leader in the meantime.

The series consists of Amadeus Candy®, Striped Amadeus®, White Amadeus®, Giant Amadeus® and Flamed Amadeus®.

Amaryllis Amadeus CandyAmaryllis Striped AmadeusAmaryllis White Amadeus

Multiflora, sophisticated multitude of flower stems, colors and flowers

Double-flowered and large-flowered are the most important segments in the market and are available in a wide range at N.L. van Geest. In her breeding, however, N.L. van Geest also focused on a range of refined small-flowered amaryllises under the name Multiflora, which together form shorter marvelous stems and smaller flowers. These flowers look particularly good in bowls.

The range currently consists of Red Garden®, White Garden®, Pink Garden®, Striped Garden® and Happy Garden®.

Dry bulb sales and dry flowering Amaryllis for the specialist trade

With Amaranth Terra, N.L. van Geest offers a consumer-ready for garden centers and florists in dry bulb sales. A good range of exclusive Amaryllis bulbs in a wooden box with label and POS (point of sales), ready for sale. Available individually packed in wooden box or in Paper Bag in box.

Unfortunately, many Amaryllis bulbs, sold by others for dry flowering, do not flower in practice and the consumer is disappointed with his or her purchase.


Dry bulb flowering

Amaranth® Dry from N.L. van Geest offers a high-quality range of Amaryllis bulbs especially suitable for dry bulb flowers that are guaranteed to bloom. This allows florists and garden centers to distinguish themselves and to provide their Christmas arrangements with the right product, so that the consumer will be very satisfied. Amaranth® Dry is available through Flora Holland and its wholesale partners.

Amarylliskwekerij NL van GeestAmarylliskwekerij NL van Geest

Amaryllis cut flower cultivation

NL. van Geest also offers a range of Amaryllis cut flowers from its own nursery for the premium market.

Amarylliskwekerij NL van Geest

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