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N.L. van Geest, the Amaryllis specialist

Amaryllis nursery N.L. van Geest B.V. specializes in the breeding of Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) and production of Amaryllis bulbs. The company is leading worldwide with its exclusive range and high quality standard. For more than 50 years, N.L. Van Geest about knowledge and experience with the cultivation of Amaryllis bulbs. The company has developed into the market as a precursor.

Commercial sales

The Dutch Amaryllis bulbs from N.L. Van Geest are the best quality. Our dry bulbs are sold and exported worldwide through our Dutch trading partners. Garden centers, web shops, florists and wholesalers are our customers.

About N.L. van Geest

Since 1957 has been N.L. van Geest active in breeding and production of Amaryllis. A family business from father to son where breeding knowledge is transferred from generation to generation.

Consumer webshop

Are you a consumer and do you want to buy your Amaryllis bulbs directly from the grower? This is possible through our webshop within Europe (only EU countries). You are assured of the best quality at a competitive price.

A selection from our range

Double flowered Amadeus® series, top of the market in Amaryllis

A few years ago, amaryllis nursery N.L. van Geest deployed in its breeding on a high -quality range of double -flowered amaryllis. This has resulted in the Amadeus® series, which has been taken very well by the international market and has since become leading.
The series consists of Amadeus Candy®, Striped Amadeus®, White Amadeus®, Giant Amadeus® and Flamed Amadeus®.

Watch our corporate video

The production process of Amaryllis bulbs is a long-term process that requires a lot of experience and craftsmanship. It is precisely the complete control of all processes that is the expertise of NL van Geest Amaryllis. After the breeding phase and choice of commercially interesting varieties, the processes of propagation and production for sale follow.

The video gives you a good impression of how we use our expertise to achieve top quality Amaryllis bulbs for dry sale, cut flower production and dry flowering for the international market.

Download our catalog

You can also download our total range as a catalogue in PDF format. Handy to save for your own use or send forward to your customer.

With introductory text in English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

For questions you can always contact us via info@nlvangeest.nl.