Active in Amaryllis since 1953

NL. van Geest Amaryllis is a family business that has been specialized in flower bulb cultivation from generation to generation. Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) has been cultivated since 1953. The company has two production locations with a total surface area of ​​61,000 m2. The company’s location in ‘s-Gravenzande in the Westland near the coast provides the right soil type and climate for growing Amaryllis.

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Our history in pictures

We are proud of our past. For generations, our predecessor has worked the land and cultivated Amaryllis. These photos illustrate that rich history and give an idea of ​​where we came from.

Production of Amaryllis bulbs

The production of Amaryllis bulbs requires a lot of craftsmanship and attention to achieve good quality so that the Amaryllis blooms well with the consumer.

After the Amaryllis bulbs have been harvested, dried, sorted, prepared and provided with a warm water treatment, the Amaryllis bulbs are taken to their destination by our own transport.

Breeding of Amaryllis

The investment in developing new varieties, including the associated plant breeders’ rights, carrying a wide exclusive range and disease-free production is why it makes quality amaryllis bulbs expensive.

Breeding Amaryllis requires a lot of patience and takes no less than 10 years before a new variety is commercially ready for the market. The result is new varieties, types and even better quality Amaryllis.