Amaryllis wholesale

Wholesale centers are important purchasing channels for florists, arrangers and garden centers. Here you can quickly buy the right range of good quality. Amaryllis bulbs are a very important item for a complete range in the period from September and the beginning of the new year.

Amaryllis wholesale

NL. van Geest offers an assortment by type or in mix in wooden boxes with a varied range of Amaryllis bulbs. All bulbs are labelled by type.

Amaranth® Terra en Amaranth® Dry

Amaranth® Terra offers an excellent quality and exclusive range of Amaryllis bulbs ready for garden centers and florists, including point of sale, creating a high-quality appearance on the shelf.

Amaranth® Dry offers a dry bulb flowering range with Amaryllis varieties that are guaranteed to flower dry, so that Christmas arrangements really get the beauty that is expected by the customer. 

Amaryllis wholesale

More information about the sales opportunities can be obtained from Ben van Geest, +31 610 493 348 or +31 174 422 486, ben@N.L. van

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