Introduction Amaranth® dry

amaranth-logo-kleinOctober 2015, introduction Amaranth® dry

NL van Geest offers since 2015 under the trademark Amaranth® dry an exclusive offer in dry bloom Amaryllis. A display in Christmas style for discerning retailers stocked with six different kinds of dry blooming Amaryllis bulbs in gift box. This display can be supplemented by florist or garden center with loose sleeves. More information on the consumer website .

Growing Amaryllis bulbs

Amaryllis bulbs are easy to plant. Fill a pot halfway with soil and put the bulb on top of it. Then fill the pot with more soil. Make sure that two thirds of the bulb is covered by soil. One third of the bulb has to be above the soil. Then put the pot in a warm, sunny spot. In the beginning the bulbs do not need much water. Only when the first stems start growing, the bulbs need more water. Amarylliskwekerij N.L. van Geest b.v. has an exclusive assortment. The bulbs can be ordered by the customers directly form the webshop. After planting your bulbs, you can watch them grow day by day and very soon you will enjoy the beautyof their impressive flowers.

Creative with Multiflora


Amarylliskwekerij N.L. van Geest b.v. recently developed a new line of production, called Multiflora. The Multiflora distinguishes itself from international Amaryllis by having a lot of stems and flowers. As a result it is a challenge for creativity. The examples shown belowe were made by Trees Zwinkels of  “Puredecoration”