Amaryllis bulbs from Dutch production

NL. van Geest breeds and produces Amaryllis bulbs for the high-quality market of garden centers. The company offers a complete range of exclusive Amaryllis dry bulbs in high quality such as Large-Flowering , Double Flowering,  Multiflora  as the Cybister Amaryllises.

Amaryllis bulbs are sold in most countries from September when the Amaryllis bulbs are available again. The amaryllis bulb is a real margin maker in the period before Christmas and creates atmosphere in the consumer’s interior.

NL. van Geest produces its bulbs in ‘s-Gravenzande in the Westland, the Netherlands. This Dutch quality is qualitatively at the top of the market because of its superior bulb and flowering quality. The Amaryllis bulbs are also specially prepared for long shelf live, which means that they can be stored longer. You offer the consumer the best available in the market.

There is a consumer ready dry flowering and dry sales range especially for garden centers under the label Amaranth® Dry and Amaranth® Terra.

The productrange from N.L. van Geest is available through specialized wholesale centers and export trade partners. We are happy to help you when you are interested.

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