The large-flowered Amaryllis Queen series is new in our range!

The Candy Queen®, White Queen®, Red Queen® and Spotted Queen are all beautiful amaryllises with a classic beauty and additions to the existing range.

  • Candy Queen: distinguished by white heart with white stamens in clear contrast to the calyx color.
  • Red Queen: distinctive because of the extra large flowers and dark flower stem, which gives extra contrast.
  • Spotted Queen: distinctive because of the bright red veining on a white background. An absolute asset!
  • White Queen: distinctive due to the large number of calyxes per flower stalk. Where 4 chalices are normal, White Queen has no less than 4 – 7 chalices. A sea of flowers!
  • Silver Queen: distinctive due to its bright red with a white border and green heart. The silver-colored back of the calix is striking.