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Digital businesses are the future. An online store is an indispensable retail channel where more and more flowers and plants are sold. Amaryllis bulbs are increasingly sold through this sales channel. This will attract a new and also younger target group.


Buy Amaryllisbulbs for an online store

Amaryllis nursery N.L. van Geest offers a wide range of high-quality exclusive Amaryllis bulbs, which guarantees good flowering. Double-flowered-, Large-flowered-, Midi-, Cybister– and Multiflora types are available. Online stores can offer a wide range of Amaryllises with our range. All our Amaryllis bulbs are labeled by variety name.


TIP: Amaryllis bulbs require adjustments in shipping via parcel services to avoid consumer disappointment. The bulbs breathe and the packaging must therefore be able to absorb moisture to prevent mold formation.

Our range of Amaryllis bulbs are available internationally through our export trading partners in The Netherlands.

More information about sales or trading partners can be obtained from

Ben van Geest, +31 610 493 348 or +31 174 422 486, ben@N.L. van

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