The breeding of Amaryllises

The breeding of Amaryllises at N.L. van Geest has a long history. The company has been active from an Amaryllis breeding collective since 1981 and has acquired plant breeders’ rights to, among others, Spartacus®, Splash®, Ferrari® and the Multiflora series.

The breeding of Amaryllises

In 2002, breeding was completely taken into account from the direction of the range of exclusive Amaryllises. This has led to, for example, the award-winning varieties Spartacus®, Yellow Star®, Evergreen® and the double-flowered Amadeus® series.

Veredeling Amaryllis  Veredeling Amaryllis

Veredeling Amaryllis

The development of new varieties takes 10 years

The investment in the development of new varieties, including the associated plant breeder’s right, and the supply of a wide exclusive range and disease-free production, is expensive. Breeding Amaryllis requires a lot of patience and has a duration of no less than 10 years before a new variety of commercial market is ready.

The production phase and upscaling phase to realize sales volume also take a number of years. It is therefore difficult to quickly deliver tailor-made solutions in the wide range that Amaryllis nursery N.L. van Geest carries and to steer on annual volumes.

Veredeling Amaryllis

New varieties of Amaryllises

The most important development in recent years is the increased effort in a good double-flowered assortment of amaryllises. N.L. van Geest also offers large-floweredcybister and multiflora types in dry bulb sales and dry flowering bulbs for the high-quality specialist trade.

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